Ask 50 different marketing experts what type of marketing material is the best for your business and you're likely to get 50 different answers. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Each business needs to do a little a testing and a little research to find the mix of marketing materials that deliver the best ROI.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common types of marketing collateral, and have summarized their benefits and drawbacks.

Brochures - While they may seem a little old-school, brochures stick around well after your presentation is over or the customer has visited your website. Use them in swag bags, on your conference table, and as leave-behinds after a meeting.

To consider: Once your brochure is printed, it’s complicated and expensive to make changes. Consider hiring a professional who is familiar with print to help with brochure design.

Case Studies - Your audience wants to know that you can make a difference, and case studies can prove that point. They are essentially a before and after shot of how you solved a problem for a client using input from that client.

To Consider: Writing a case study takes time and requires buy-in from your clients. Check out our suggestions for getting the most from your clients.

eBooks - A great downloadable, ebooks help to demonstrate your expertise with long-form content that benefits your readers while helping you collect leads. While writing a "book" sounds daunting, many companies collect content (like blog posts) they already have to create the text.

To consider: Using ebooks to grow your list is a great strategy, but after the initial download it's up to you to nurture the leads you collect.

Email Campaigns - Staying in front of your audience is key, and email can help you do just that. Email offers a lot of flexibility. You can plan automated drip campaigns to nurture leads, send out regular newsletters to stay top of mind, and send out news and announcements on demand.

To consider: It’s important to send content that is going to resonate with your audience. It takes A/B testing and close tracking to determine the most effective content, subject lines, time of day, and frequency to email your list.

Landing Pages - Landing pages are the page that your audience "lands" on when they click a link. Custom landing pages are the key to SEO and SEM success. You want to make sure that your potential customer immediately sees the information that is most relevant to them. While your homepage is general brand information, the landing page should directly relate to the link that was clicked on.

To consider: It can be tricky to make your landing pages match the look and feel of the rest of your site. Research successful landing pages and make sure that your designers understand your brand.

One Sheets - While your brochure is a general piece of marketing collateral meant to give an overview of your brand, one sheets are more economical and can be tailored to offer all kinds of different information. You can also have your one sheet created as a PDF so that you have a digital copy that can be emailed or downloaded.

To consider: One sheets aren’t pricey to create but they may go out-of-date quickly. It makes the most sense to create a professional one sheet template that can be easily updated on demand.

Digital Ads - Paid ads (including display ads, social media and Facebook ads, AdWords, and Pay Per Click (PPC) ads) help you reach new audiences and encourage them to take action—especially if you’re driving traffic to a custom landing page.

To consider: Without the right research and metrics in place, ads can get costly. They take time and expertise to do the right way.

Merch and Swag Items - Swag includes T-shirts, magnets, pens, and stickers—anything you can leave behind or give away that keeps you in front of your audience days, weeks, and months later. These are perfect for a table at a conference or for including in a proposal folder.

To consider: Swag takes space to store and can often be a pain to keep track of. It can also be pricey.

Once you have decided on the right type of marketing materials to invest in, Lightboard can help make it look amazing. Get started here.