eMeals' three-step service helps you plan weekly meals, create your shopping list and budget, and prepare each meal using healthy recipes for the whole family. We made custom illustrations for eMeals' website to quickly explain to their customers how the service works.

Most custom illustration projects begin with a discovery exercise where we provide a wide range of illustrations examples to better understand what the style should be. From there, we create rough sketches and work through a series of rounds of refinement until completion.

In this case, Doug and the team at eMeals knew exactly what they wanted. The project moved quickly—completed in a little more than a week—because they came prepared.

Previous Illustration Style

The illustrations eMeals were using were great—but they were a little too playful. eMeals wanted to appeal to a more sophisticated audience.

eMeals product illustrations
The illustrations we were tasked with re-designing

Inspiration Styles

Working with eMeals, we assembled a moodboard of illustration styles that matched their direction.

With a focused set of reference images, we were set up for success on this project.
eMeals moodboard

Explanation For Each Image

Fortunately, the three steps we were illustrating are straightforward and easy to understand:

  1. Choose Your Meals
  2. Simplify Your Shopping
  3. Cook and Enjoy

We also had clear direction for each sketch. eMeals provides 7 dinner ideas, but the average user selects 3-4 meals each week to cook. The first sketch should include a phone app that shows some meals selected.

For the second, we needed to compare shopping in a store (an overloaded shopping cart) and the convenience of delivery on the other side. eMeals creates a personalized shopping list based on the meals selected for the week. Users can easily shop the list at the grocery store or send the list to a delivery partner to get it delivered.

And for the third—focus on a family enjoying the meal at a dinner table.

With this direction, we set to work, and landed the final images quickly.

Final Images